The Figwort Concept ™ Testimonies

"I would highly recommend, without hesitation, this program to children of all ages."      
        South Carolina of Mental Health.

"I was not aware of some of the feelings that my son was having in dealing with leukemia until Themla P, the PainPal, had us play her game.  He had fallen when he got out of bed by himself.  I felt guilty and scared, he felt happy that he could do it. What an awareness."  
        Patti Gasper, mother, In memory of Robbie Gasper, sixteen years old.
"The kids love Thelma P. and her honesty about Attention Deficit Disorder."
        Dr. Patricia K Comfort Ph.D. New Way School for ADD, Arizona

"When you first meet Kathy she is a very vicarious person.  She talks fast,
 changes subjects midstream, hugs everyone and has allot of emotional
 energy.  Therefore, a person's first impression might be that she is an air   
 head. However if you listen to what she has to say, she has a tremendous
 depth of understanding real truth in the simplest way.  She looks at her inner   
 self more than anyone I have ever known"
        Carol Morgan,  Tammassee DAR school

"Our club is about communicating. I am glad that we awarded The Communicator of the Year Award to someone that is communicating some
 thing as important as dealing with their emotions."  
        Toastmasters Anderson Chapter

"You were voted number one speaker of the year by the students."  
        Wanda Sluss, Related Arts Teacher McCant�s Middle School, Anderson SC

"Your special character focusing on expressing emotions rather than
 suppressing them will be helpful to our children in dealing with his or her
        Children's Rehabilitation St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, AZ