Additional programs available from Thelma P. Figwort:

 Thelma P. Figwort talks about Attention Deficit Disorder
Thelma P. and CO-Parenting
Thelma P.'s "A Time To Thrive"
Thelma P., The Pain Pal
"Faith, Feelings and Choices"

AND the funny and outrageous program

"Stages of Ages!™

Thelma P. Figwort exhibits a variety of personalities during her performances. Her unique quality is that Thelma P. can be age ten to eighty, a bride, a prom queen or "Mother Figwort"...just to name a few! Thelma P. dresses the part with various costumes appropriate for your situation!


Figwort & Company™ Coast To Coast
For seminars and workshops, Karen Todd and Kathy Todd Stallo bring their expertise from the east coast and west coast together to deliver an inspirational and informative event suitable for all ages and all situations!

All of the programs are customized and performed especially for your organization. Your organization has the unique choice of requesting Thelma P. Figwort and Karen Todd to perform together for an
informative and humorous program. Kathy Todd Stallo (Thelma P. Figwort) and Karen Todd also are available on an individual basis to present their specific programs for your special event!