Mission Statement and Company Vision

It has been a dream for the past ten years that "The Figwort Concept"TM of using four simple rules can help diffuse the anger in all of us. It has been our vision that all generations can learn to communicate, compromise and not judge others by applying "The Figwort Concept"TM
"The Figwort Concept"TM can be applied to any age and any situation. Thelma P. Figwort, a character performed by Kathy Todd Stallo, uses humor to convey the message that you are allowed to express your feelings. With audience participation, real life experiences and hands-on materials, Thelma P. delivers her message in an appropriate and non-threatening manner.

Kathy Todd Stallo 

Kathy Todd Stallo is the president and founder of Figwort & Company™ and the creator of the comedy character, Thelma P. Figwort. Kathy is originally from Dayton, Ohio.  She resides in Anderson South Carolina with her four sons. Kathy has been a soccer coach, a preschool teacher, and a host to a foreign exchange student program. She takes pride in 'just being a mom."

The goal of Figwort & Company™ is to help children and adults work through any situation by using four basic rules. Practicing the rules will empower them not only how to identify the problem but how to solve it. The "Figwort Concept"TM
will help enhance his or her emotions and improve self esteem for anyone, regardless of age.

Karen Todd, MC,LPC

Karen Todd is a mental health therapist, educator, author and CO-Facilitator of "The Figwort Concept"TMKarenTodd currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ms. Todd has incorporated "The Figwort Concept"TM into her counseling sessions with families, couples and children for the past seven years. Karen believes that by encouraging you to focus on one situation at a time, this program allows anyone to express and hear each others feelings, to understand their own behavior, and others and thus make it possible to make amends, compromise, set limits and feel the situation is resolved.

Karen Todd and Kathy Todd Stallo are identical twin sisters. Together, they
present programs that utilize both their talents. They have recently been appointed to the Advisory Board for Children's Rights in Phoenix, Arizona.

Thelma P. Figwort

Thelma P. Figwort is a woman with a huge heart and a wonderful sense of humor. Although she is a little "eccentric", she adds a special touch to any occasion.

Thelma P. Figwort presents programs that are specifically designed for your occasion Thelma P. presents programs such as "Like Yourself, Don't Lose Yourself"™ A program that teaches children and adults about feelings and the importance of not "stuffing" those feelings.